Cross Valley Capital is an Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm Targeting Companies with Exponential Technologies and Growth Potential at their Core.

Cross Valley Capital's guiding philosophy is to support tech companies that yield exponential productivity outcomes through their ingenious use of data, analytics and technology. We are especially interested in teams that are leveraging informal networks, big data, algorithms and predictive analytics to achieve performance benchmarks more efficiently than the competitors they displace. We currently only participate in dealflow with our partners at SocialStarts.

Areas of primary interest to us include: analytic platforms, big data solutions, machine learning, artificial intelligence, ad-tech, and media.


Our Team
Jon Gosier
General Partner

Jon Gosier is a data-scientist and tech entrepreneur who has been building and leading highly effective software development teams for the better part of a decade. He's served as Founder of several data companies, currently he's the CEO of Audigent.

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RJ Joshi

RJ Joshi’s 17 year professional career includes leading a successful nanotech startup from inception to exit along with experience in data engineering, investment banking, marketing and consultant to hedge funds, private equity funds, incubators and startups.

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